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Questions & Answers – Order the cheapest number plates with excellent quality available online today.

How long do I need to wait for my order?

Your order will be dispatched the same day if we receive your original vehicle documentation (proof of identity and proof of vehicle registration) before 4 pm, otherwise it will be dispatched the same day after we receive and check your documents. A standard delivery time via 1st class will take from 1 to 3 working days, via 2nd class up to 5 working days. Please be aware that all deliveries are sent as a recorded delivery and require your signature. If you will not receive your order in a reasonable amount of time then please contact us. We need to allow 15 working days to elapse before Royal Mail considers an item lost. Find out more in our Terms and Conditions.

I didn’t find a size I am looking for. Can you help?

Certainly, should you not find the size you are looking for just simply contact us with your request and we will advise if we can help with your request.

Can I send you my own artwork to customize my plate?

It is possible, but please be advise that the show plate must not contain your registration number.

Can I order a black and silver plate?

Black and Silver Number Plate

Absolutely! We supply black and silver acrylic plates. Please note we do not supply pressed metallic plates. In case you are interested to purchase a black and silver acrylic plate, however you haven't found a size you are after, please contact us.

Power drill

Will my number plates arrive pre-drilled?

Unfortunately not as all vehicles have their fitting holes in different places. If you are not ready to drill the holes yourself you can always use a sticky pad kit to fit your plates with.

Can I cancel my order if I’ve already paid for it?

Cancel order

After placing your order with us you must provide the requested documentation for purchasing a number plate, which is a proof of identity and proof of entitlement (list of requested documents can be found in our Terms & Conditions). You will have no right to cancel your order if you are incapable or reluctant to comply with DVLA's regulations. This will be classed as you 'the purchaser' breaking the contract which will consequently result that we do not despatch the number plates and there can be no refund issued. We reserve the right to charge a £5 admin fee if you cancel your order before it is being made. This is to cover the costs we have already incurred taking your order – for example credit card processing costs. Orders that have already been made, cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Note: We usually start working on your order as soon as possible, but no later than one hour after the purchase.

Important: Please be aware that every registered number plate supplier must request to see customer’s original documents (proofs) before the number plates are dispatched. If other suppliers are offering to send you the number plates without seeing the proofs, they are putting you to a risk of being penalised and fined (penalty charge is up to £1,000).

Can I see a preview of my plate before I purchase it?

Platebuilder Preview

Certainly, our Plate Builder has been designed to show you online step by step and guide you throughout the whole shopping process until the end where you can preview the final product(s).

Do you ship orders to abroad?


Yes, of course. We have many happy customers from all around the world (e.g. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada and many more) who prefer to order online. If you want us to post your order to abroad, please don’t forget to select a correct postage, otherwise your plate won’t be sent on time and you will be contacted by us to pay off the postage fee which would delay a delivery time. All orders are dispatched as recorded mail and you need to sign for them.

Do I receive a good quality product?

Absolutely and positively - Yes! We always aim to have the best quality possible. Therefore every single order goes through a process of quality control before it's being dispatched.

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