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Fittings: Road Legal Number Plates

How to fit your UK custom license plates? No worries it’s very easy. There are three methods of how to do it so let us guide you through it. First method to fit the number plate replacement to your car is to make use of our extra strong sticky pads. If you aren't afraid to do a bit of DIY you can use a screw kit or a number plate holder which would give your number plates a great solid look.

Sticky Pad Kit

The simplest way how to mount your plate replacement is to benefit from a Sticky Pad Kit. Each kit contains 6 sticky pads - 3 for each plate to ensure that it is well secured at all times.

Tip: Please be careful with placing them to the right place as they are very sticky!

Sticky Pad Kit

Screw Kit

The second Kit we have is a standard Screw Kit. Each kit contains 4 screws and 4 screw holders. You can choose from different types of colours ( such as black and white, yellow and white or just in one colour).

Tip: If you have already existing road legal number plates then it will be easier for you to fix the plate by using the standard screw kit. Take your existing plate and use it as a template to drill small holes to your new plate. Then screw the new plate to your car and job done.

Screw kits

Number Plate Holders

If you fancy more solid look we also offer various plate holders to fix your number plate replacement. This third way of fitting is the most presentable and it also gives you the best security for your plate. Holders are very easy to fit and there is a great choice of coloured frames to choose from. We offer black, blue, metallic, red, chrome and carbon.

Note: Whichever fitting you choose for your plates, please ensure it's been fitted to perfection so you will not lose it.

Do you require more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Number Plate Frames