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Documents Required

Dear customers, you may be aware of a legal requirements of DVLA to check original proof of identity and entitlement every Registered Number Plates Supplier (RNPS) need to comply with. Anyone, who is trying to sell you registration number plates without asking you to see your original documentation is breaking the law and facing a prosecution up to £2,500.00. Also, if you display such a number plate on your vehicle, you are facing to pay a penalty charge up to £1,000.00. Obviously, we don't want you to be fined so here is a helping hand.

Below you can find a list of proofs we accept:

Proof of Identity:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Current utility, telephone or Council Tax bill
  • National ID card issued by the Government of a state of territory other than the UK
  • Police warrant card
  • Armed forces identity card

Important: whichever Proof of Identity you choose it must show your name and address!

Proof of Entitlement:

  • The tear-off slip (V5C/2) from (V5C section 10)
  • A red Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) is accepted (not the old blue certificates)
  • A Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate (V778)
  • A Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)
  • A Vehicle Licence Renewal (V11)
  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)
  • A letter of authorisation from Fleet Operators (including a lease hire company). The letter must state the document ref number from the V5C
  • An Authorisation Certificate (V948) from DVLA Local Office

It's worth the hassle if you value your security. You surely don't want anyone to clone your vehicle registration number. Protect yourself and be sure you do it the right way. We can ensure you, that we DO!

Your Motoshow Plates Team