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Welcome to our Motoshow Plates Blog! We have created a blog to share all Motoshow Plates news with you.


Annual Holidays - Please read

Posted 2021/7/23 by Motoshow Plates

Dear customers, 

Please note we are now closed for an annual holiday from 23rd July with a return on Monday 2nd August 2021.

Lost or damaged parcel - what to do?

Posted 2019/6/19 by Motoshow Plates

Today we would like to talk about the unlikely event of lost or damaged items. Of course nobody wishes for it to happen, however time to time a parcel can get lost in the process so we want to talk about it and guide you what to do if this happens to you. 

Documents are important!

Posted 2019/6/19 by Motoshow Plates

Hello to all motoristsvehicle owners and motorbikes fans! You all know we love to make all different types of number plates no matter if you have a large truck, if your drive a PorscheFord or if you are one of these crazy bikers who drive the two-wheelers :-) We are here for all of you. 

Driving test changes from December 2017

Posted 2017/6/8 by Motoshow Plates


Getting replacement number plates is easy when you already own your driving licence, however for new young drivers, who are due to complete their driving tests, it will probably take a bit longer to put their number plates on.

New Tax Rates On Vehicles From April 2017

Posted 2017/3/10 by Motoshow Plates

As we previously discussed on our blog, new vehicle tax rates are set to be introduced by the government next month. The changes have been planned since summer 2016, and will come into force as of April 1st 2017 now that motorists have been given sufficient warning and a new tax year is beginning.

What Are Cloned Number Plates?

Posted 2017/2/7 by Motoshow Plates

As you may know, road legal number plates require documents to be provided for us to check before we can process your order. In order to maintain our status as a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS) and as a responsible company, we have a duty to our customers to carry out these checks.

Custom number plates - official video

Posted 2017/1/16 by Motoshow Plates

We are happy to present an official video of presenting our website. We are very happy that Motoshow can now present you our very first official video featuring our products and services.

How To Transfer Private Number Plates

Posted 2017/1/10 by Motoshow Plates

Transferring a private (often known as “personalized”) plate from one vehicle to another can be a little confusing for many people. There is a specific procedure that must be followed, but it’s relatively simple as long as you understand the steps.

What Are Black & Silver Number Plates Used For?

Posted 2016/12/8 by Motoshow Plates

It’s vital that you display the correct, road legal number plates on your vehicle at all times, even when you’re not driving it on UK roads, so it’s necessary to understand the different types of custom number plates you can order from a registered supplier like ourselves at Motoshow Plates.

Road Legal Number Plate Spacing

Posted 2016/11/10 by Motoshow Plates

The point of displaying your registration clearly on any vehicle is to identify it uniquely and clearly. This is a legal requirement for a variety of reasons, including the safety and security of other drivers as well as yourself.

This is something you really need to consider when using any number plate creator to design your own car, bike or motorcycle number plates. Having road legal number plates made online by a Registered Number Plate Supplier such as Motoshow Plates is the best solution to make sure you stay within the rules set out by the government.