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Welcome to our Motoshow Plates Blog! We have created a blog to share all Motoshow Plates news with you.


Our Unique Plate Builder

Posted 2016/3/15 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates, we do everything we can to offer you the quickest and simplest way to get custom number plates made online at a low price. The main service we provide for you to get this done is of course our online number plate maker, the central focus of our website and the most powerful tool we know of for creating custom license plates in the UK!

Office hours

Posted 2016/3/9 by Motoshow Plates

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. If you have any query, you can call us within our office hours on our landline.

Jaguar rear shaped number plates

Posted 2015/11/10 by Motoshow Plates

If you have a beautiful model of Jaguar, what you need is a customised number plate. We, at Motoshow, offer a wide range of model specific car plates from Jaguar S-type, Jaguar X-type Saloon, Jaguar X-type Estate to Jaguar XF  and Jaguar XJ and many more.


Posted 2015/11/4 by Motoshow Plates

Motoshow, are glad to  offer our customers a Royal Mail next day delivery service available to select for your orders during working days.

Would you like to see how is your plates look in real? We've done gallery for you.

Posted 2014/11/24 by Motoshow Plates

Motoshow Plates is trying to make all visitors happy and trying to provide the best possible service on market. So, we have little worked on our website and done some changes to make you more happy. First big change is that we've build up for you new gallery where you can see how exactly our plates look and also see how the plates will look on carmotorcycle, trailer, Jaguar, Rover and other vehicles.

Black & Silver Plates

Black & Silver Plates

As you already know, we try to work very hard to improve our service and also to offer always something NEW. Here we come with a great new option to create and order your very own Black & Silver Acrylic Plates (read more)!

Fitting Shop

Number Plate Surrounds & Fitting

Great news for our regular and new customers! Now you can order only fitting or number plate surrounds separately. For more details visit our new Fitting shop NOW!

Facebook Update

Visit our Facebook profile!

Become a Motoshow Plates Facebook fun today and get yourself updated about latest offers and deals in 2011!

UK Number plates history

History of UK Number Plates

Did you know that we’ve added some really interesting articles about a history of number plates and how they have developed since? (read more)

Facebook and other social media

Also we have great news. Now you can share your customer experience with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and other social media with just one click.

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