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Welcome to our Motoshow Plates Blog! We have created a blog to share all Motoshow Plates news with you.


Can I have slogan on my number plates?

Posted 2016/10/17 by Motoshow Plates

Is it legal to have your own personalized slogan on your number plates? Some people like to send others a message by displaying a slogan on their number plates. So what to do? No worries, we have the solution! You can still have a slogan and stay legal, because we will put your slogan on the bottom of the special shaped lipped plate.

How Brexit Affects Number Plates

Posted 2016/9/29 by Motoshow Plates

Since the result of the so-called “Brexit” referendum was announced, the intervening months have revealed widespread confusion about the remainder of Britain’s time in the European Union. Many people have differing expectations about what should happen and what the impact will be. Interestingly, the results could be far-reaching enough to even affect the number plate on your vehicle!

3D Gel Number Plates

Posted 2016/9/15 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates we are pleased to offer a fantastic option for customising your vehicle to a high standard and adding luxury details to your custom number plates. 3D gel printing allows your font to stand out with a very high quality finish and adds great texture to the lettering which can really make your vehicle stand out and look more impressive. If you’re looking at having number plates made online as a gift for a car or motorcycle enthusiast, you should really consider going for this option as the finished look is significantly superior to some of the alternatives available.

Bike Number Plates & More Custom Types

Posted 2016/9/14 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates we offer something unique to our customers with our online plate builder, a flexible and useful tool that allows you to design your own bike and motorcycle number plates just as easily as those for cars or other vehicles.

Black and silver acrylic plates

Posted 2016/9/8 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates we supply custom number plates to suit a huge range of different vehicles, and we understand why it's important to many owners to keep the design of their show plates in line with the original look of their vehicle. That's why our unique online number plate maker allows you to customise the colours and design to ensure you don't compromise the look of your car or motorcycle when you upgrade old elements.

Are You A DVLA Registered Supplier?

Posted 2016/7/18 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates we specialise in creating road legal number plates, but that’s not only for customers looking to print number plate replacements as a one-off for use on their own vehicles. We can also offer our service to other RNPSs (registered number plate supplies) who are looking for the cheapest number plates made online to resell to their own customers.

Motorcycle Number Plates

Posted 2016/6/21 by Motoshow Plates

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and great value for money, which we know sets us apart from the competition in the eyes of our happy customers. One of the ways we tailor our approach to offer both quality and value is through offering various special shaped designs, including motorcycle number plates.


Legal Number Plates & Documents

Posted 2016/5/12 by Motoshow Plates

It’s essential to follow UK laws and regulations when dealing with personalised registrations, and at Motoshow Plates we take this seriously. We want to protect our customers from the potentially hefty fines that can be incurred by displaying your vehicle’s registration incorrectly, and ensure that everybody follows the same rules to avoid problems. Fortunately we make everything as simple as possible when you place an order with us, so it’s easy for you to provide us with the documentation we need to get your plates shipped as quickly as possible.

Model Specific Car Plates

Posted 2016/4/18 by Motoshow Plates

At Motoshow Plates we offer you the ability to create custom made number plates online, order them quickly and easily, and fit them yourself without any difficulty. This includes a variety of styles that you can select from using our number plate maker tool, which caters to your exact needs even if you’re being very specific about your requirements. For example, if you’re looking for model specific number plates that are highly specialised for your exact car model, you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect with our tool.

Annual Holidays - Please read

Posted 2016/3/24 by Motoshow Plates

Dear customers, 

As we are family run business, we will be taking a short break this half term. We won't be able to respond to your phone calls from Friday 27th May 2016 until 5th June 2016.