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What Are Cloned Number Plates?

Posted 2017/2/7 by Motoshow Plates

What Are Cloned Number Plates?

As you may know, road legal number plates require documents to be provided for us to check before we can process your order. In order to maintain our status as a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS) and as a responsible company, we have a duty to our customers to carry out these checks.

One of the major reasons we do this is to help prevent fraud as a result of number plate cloning. This is the equivalent of identity theft for vehicles, when number plates are copied and illegally assigned to other cars. This allows the drivers of these illegal vehicles to get away with speeding, illegal parking and many more dangerous crimes while the consequences are felt by the legal owner of the original registration.


This is why thousands of UK residents have been shocked to receive fines for driving offences they never committed. Although you can dispute a fine you receive, you would usually be expected to provide evidence that your car’s registration has been cloned, which is not a simple process.


Tip: Fitting a dashboard camera in your vehicle to record your driving at all times is an ideal way to insure yourself against this kind of scam. The footage will help you prove the whereabouts of your vehicle at the time of an alleged offence.


In most cases, plate cloning simply involves criminals copying down registration numbers when they see a car similar to one them have stolen. In most cases they wouldn’t have access to any other information about the legal owner of the plate, and would simply have a new plate printed by a provider that does not check legal documents.


The company manufacturing the plate is breaking the law by doing this, even if it is unknowingly, because of their failure to check documents. In some cases, criminals may be more sophisticated and use forged documents to bypass these checks. At Motoshow Plates, we make sure all documentation matches the strict criteria provided by the government. This helps ensure that all our customers and other UK motorists are protected from the risk of plate cloning.

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