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How To Transfer Private Number Plates

Posted 2017/1/10 by Motoshow Plates

How To Transfer Private Number Plates

Transferring a private (often known as “personalized”) plate from one vehicle to another can be a little confusing for many people. There is a specific procedure that must be followed, but it’s relatively simple as long as you understand the steps.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that transferring a registration does not mean you have to physically move the same plates from one car to another. Simply doing so would actually be illegal, without going through the proper legal process. You may choose to use the same plate if you already own it, or alternatively get a replacement number plate made using our online tool.

The most important part is getting the correct documentation from the DVLA, depending on what you want to do.

Remove a number plate from a vehicle – If you are the owner of the registration and the car, you can apply to remove the plate and retain it for future use. You will then be sent a V778 certificate which serves as proof of retention.

Buy a new number plate – If you purchase a registration and you haven’t yet used it on a vehicle you own, you should only need the V750 Certificate of Entitlement to prove you own the code and get your number plates made. You can purchase a private registration directly from the DVLA.

Apply a registration to a vehicle – After buying a new code or taking it off an old vehicle, you can apply it to an eligible vehicle if you have either the V778 or V750.

In 2016, the DVLA introduced a temporary electronic version of the V948 Proof of Entitlement Certificate, which is a good alternative in some cases to waiting for your physical certificate to arrive in the post. The eV948 is a digital authentication certificate which will be sent to you via email, making it easier for you to transfer the document on. If you send the eV948 to us when placing an order, it can serve as proof that you are entitled to use the registration.

Please note that in order to create your own number plate on Motoshow Plates and have your custom design printed for you, you must already own the exact registration as it appears on the plate.

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