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Documents are important!

Posted 2019/6/19 by Motoshow Plates

Hello to all motoristsvehicle owners and motorbikes fans! You all know we love to make all different types of number plates no matter if you have a large truck, if your drive a PorscheFord or if you are one of these crazy bikers who drive the two-wheelers :-) We are here for all of you. 

But there is one thing we need to make ourselves clear on. We do need to check your documents before we can go ahead and make your number plates. There are lots of reasons for it. Firstly, we are registered number plate supplies and we are obligated to check one proof of identity and one proof of entitlement for each registration mark.


Secondly, the reason the DVLA is so strict on us checking the documents is obvious. Most of you guys are decent people who do own their vehicles and registrations you've ordered, however there is a small percentage of indecent people who commit a crime by ordering number plates to clone someone else's plate. AND THAT IS WRONG!


We ask you to comply with the regulations, even though the process takes one or two minutes longer, both sides (buyer and seller) are covered. Some of you may not wish to share your documents for a personal protection, however this is a legal requirement requested by DVLA and has to be done. We do not store your documentations in our system and we don't share your data with any third party. Watch our short video which explains it all.


Thanks to all you heroes for protecting yourself and others from the bad guys.

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